How does the authentic Yoga lineage of TKV Desikachar differ from other Yoga lineages?

Guiding principles (dharma):

  • Foster clear communication, understanding and trust (satya-parāḥ)
  • Cultivate healing and empowering relational experiences in group (saṃgha)
  • Cultivate morals and virtues
  • Cultivate positive scepticism and doubt
  • Ask questions
  • Abandon any concept of style or dogma
  • Abandon the concept of Oneness, i.e. nondualism (Advaita)
  • Abandon the concept of Godhead, i.e. dualism (Dvaita)
  • Employ scientific research methods in the practice of consultation
  • Step down from the podium
  • Focus on Yoga therapy and the progress of each individual
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with each phase of life
  • Honour the tradition of the language of chanting (Jñāna Yoga Parampara)
  • Perform gymnastics and acrobatics if you intend to join Cirque du Soleil
  • Honour your breath – the movement follows the breath, and completes before the breath
  • Encourage self-study (svādhyāya) and innovation
  • Gnosis (jñāna) is instrumental to spiritual progression, and the practice of Yoga is the practice of knowing the soul (ātma)
  • Learn from every teacher. Take what you can from the good. Learn more from the bad.
  • Counterposing is not holding a pose
  • Avoid the allure of following the čakra system, because it represents the outward flow of mystic indoctrination that is antithetical to the inward flow of gnosis (jñāna)


“Yoga”, “Yoga therapy”, “Yoga meditation”, “Yoga teaching”, “Yoga education” and “mindfulness consulting” refer to the same breathing practice in the Yoga lineage of TKV Desikachar.

Yoga therapy and physiotherapy are two different therapy modalities, but they complement each other in treating pain.

Yoga therapy is actually a consulting (or counselling) practice working one-on-one with an individual.

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