Month: January 2016

The Mind Body Medicine behind The Jñānam Method™

The Jñānam Method™ represents a unified potpourri of related styles and methods, based on my own experience that conjugate styles of bodyweight core training can assist in the rehabilitation of scarred musculoskeletal tissue and the full recovery of function. The primary objective of The Jñānam Method™ is the complete restoration of mobility and functional performance to the spine, the limbs and the socket joints of the body.

Because musculoskeletal dominance in the body can lead to overtraining of dominant muscles, The Jñānam Method™ breaks up the exercise routine and offers more movement variety.

I developed The Jñānam Method™ for my own body of mature age to prevent sarcopenia, characterized by the progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass (a.k.a. atrophy) and strength.

The Jñānam Method™ incorporates the techniques in the tradition of Krishnamacharya for individuals of mature age who will benefit from particular provisions (appropriate modifications, props) to help support the stretch, while maintaining the full length of the spinal column.

Jñān (ज्ञान pronounced gyān) means intuition. Applied to physical fitness, jñān represents tactical training.