My Equipment

1. Tahiti Onyx superlight massage table with terry towelling fitted sheet set

Tahiti Onyx Massage Table
2. Therapist’s Thumb bodywork tool from Core Products

There are various bodywork tools in the market such as the Jacknobber, but I found the Therapist’s Thumb from Core Products to be the most intuitive tool for deep tissue bodywork. The Therapist’s Thumb was originally designed and made by Curt and Gina Nuenke, owners of BodyNiché Massage Studio.

Therapist Thumb
Therapist Thumb
Therapist Thumb
Therapist Thumb
Therapist Thumb

3. Contoured Face Cradle

I replaced the poorly manufactured original cradle that came with my massage table with a contoured one made of heavy grade steel and aluminium frame with oak wood face plate.

Face Cradle Comparison
Original ABS Plastic Face Cradle
DevLon NorthWest Contoured Face Cradle (Oak Wood)

4. Set of hard spikey balls from China

I have a set of hard spikey balls in three small sizes for specific muscle knots.

Spikey Balls

5. Digital TENS/EMS combo unit

Digital TENS/EMS

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