Graha and Dhātu

In the traditional system of Āyurveda, the sapta dhātu (seven support) model describes the structural constituents of the body.

Symbol Graha Type Taste Dhātu Endocrine Gland
Sun (Sūrya) Hot Pungent Bone Tissue (Asthi) Pineal
Moon (Čandra) Cold Salty Blood (Rakta) Thymus
Mars (Maṅgala) Light Bitter Marrow (Majjā) Adrenals (& Pancreas)
Mercury (Budha) Hetero-geneous Savoury Lymph Tissue (Rasa) Pituitary
Jupiter (Bṛhaspati) Heavy Sweet Adipose Tissue (Meda) Gonads
Venus (Śukra) Oily Sour Reproductive Tissue Thyroid
Saturn (Śani) Dry Astringent Muscle (Māṃsa) Prostate/Cervix
La Reproduction Interdite (René Magritte, 1937)
Channel (Srota)
Digestive System (Anna-vāha)
Water (Ambu-vāha)
Respiratory System (Prāṇa-vāha)
Lymphatic System (Rasa-vāha)
Haematopoietic System (Rakta-vāha)
Muscular System (Māṃsa-vāha)
Adipose System (Medo-vāha)
Skeletal System (Asthi-vāha)
Nervous System (Majjā-vāha)
Reproductive System (Śukra-vāha/Artava-vāha)
Excretory System (Purīṣa-vāha)
Urinary System (Mūtra-vāha)
Sweat System (Sveda-vāha)
Mind (Mano-vāha)
Lactation System (Stanya-vāha)

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