Colour Meditation

The face is a means of communication, and colour is a way of expressing and integrating emotions. In colour meditation, you concentrate on a colour associated with an aspect of the material energy body, and utter the seed (bīja) sound corresponding to that colour. By focussing on each colour aspect or subtle energy of the egoic self, you acknowledge false identification (asmita). You will experience complete awareness of your transcendental self (īśvarapraṇidhāna) through colour meditation.

Colour meditation is as close and personal to me as my surname, Gan (pinyin: yán).

Chinese Character Pinyin Meaning
颜 yán Face
Chinese Character Combination Pinyin Meaning
颜色 yánsè Colour

In the colour wheel, my surname 颜 signifies colour:

Colour Ring

Material Energy Colour and Bīja Correspondence Reference Table

Material Energy Colour Bīja Karmendriya
(Organ of Action)
(Organ of Perception)
Violet Ah Buddhiḥ
Indigo Aum Manaḥ
Space Blue Ham Speaking Hearing (Audition)
Air Green Yam Grasping Touch (Tactition)
Fire Yellow Ram Moving Sight (Vision)
Water Orange Vam Procreating Taste (Gustation)
Earth Red Lam Eliminating Smell (Olfaction)

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