Sūrya Gāyatrī

Gāyatrī is the name of a poetical meter (çhanda) that contains three lines of eight syllables each.

bhūr bhuva sva: alluding to the first three of seven vyahritis respectively representing physical plane (bhūr loka), astral plane (bhuva loka), and celestial plane (sva loka), which may be reached in meditation by a yogi

auṃ: pranava (The eternal vibration that binds the physical plane, astral plane, and celestial plane)

tat savitur vareṇya: that, the One God (tat), solar (savitā), venerable (vareṇya)

bhargo devasya dhīmahi: Let us meditate (dhīmahi) upon the effulgence (bhargo) of the deity (deva)

dhiyo yo na pračodayāt: may our wisdom (dhiya), who (ya), of us (na), be inspired (pračodayāt)


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