Do I need flexibility to do Yoga?

Today at the gym change room, a Polish gentleman saw me with a Yoga mat, and remarked that I must be flexible [to do yogasanas]. After I realized what Eric was saying, my response was, “No, I am not flexible. Yoga is a consciousness discipline that can help improve flexibility. It takes practice, but anyone can do Yoga.”

He replied: “You must have started when you were young.” This is yet another myth.

I started practicing yogasanas when I was 32, unfit, unhealthy, with a bad posture.

I believe that anyone can begin practicing yogasanas, young or old, unfit or weak. Practicing the yogasanas will help to restore vitality and health to your body.

My question to you: Do you need flexibility to do Yoga?


One comment

  1. I agree with you. One improves one’s flexibility as one’s Yoga journey progresses. But that is only one benefit of yoga. I always find that when I have a steady and regular practice, my flexibility is always the first thing to improve, and the other more subtle benefits follow.

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